II: Community Framework

Phase II - Community consisted of:

  • Development of a Demand Ranking system by identifying the % of SDG indicators that fall within No Data and Challanges Remain.

  • A cumulative % of SDG was performed based on a 0 to 1.0 ranking scale with 4 more ranges

  • The assigned ranking was distributed to each SDG (1 to 17)

Once each SDG was assigned to a specific priority ranking, a Demand Matrix was performed for each Ranking Category.

Where the intercepts ocurred, the ranking values were doubled.

Once these were distributed for all 4 categories, a condense Prioritised Demand Matrix or "Consolidated Results" Matrix was obtained

Later on, synergies, correlation, statistically significance and co-benefits & trade-offs categories were added to the Matrix in a similar way as the priority ranking system, in order to obtain a Community Framework Matrix

Synergies among SDGs (UN, 2019)

Correlation Analysis Matrix (Fonseca et al, 2020)

Statisically Significance Ranking (SSR)

Co-Benefits & Trade-offs Ranking (CTR)