Welcome to SDG Communities

I would like to welcome you to SDG Communities.com. A site dedicated to show the results of a Master Research Project towards the development of sustainable, fair distributed and efficient allocation of resources urban design & community planning under the Triple Bottom Line assessment and the promotion of implementing Digital Twin technologies.

I would personally like to express my sincerest gratitude and humble appreciation to Prof. Marieme Lo, Associate Director - Education of School of Cities, at the University of Toronto as well as to members within the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering for allowing me to pursue this Master Research Project.

I hope this work can be used for future reference and can contribute towards the common goal we all have, making better places to live, to work, and to enjoy sustainably and efficiently for future generations to come.

Thank you for your time, hoping you will enjoy going through the material.



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UofT School of Cities 2021 Urban Leadership Fellowship and Academy Symposium

Welcome! to the first edition of this website dedicated to present findings of a personal research study carried out towards sustainable development of community planning and performance monitoring. Findings were presented at the University of Toronto, School of Cities Symposium 2021